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Oragami Biro

Origamibiro&The Joy of Box
Chris Cousin&Jim Brouwer

Thur 15 Jan
New Art Exchange
£3.50 / £2.50 (conc)

Origamibiro&The Joy of Box
Origami Biro (Expanding Records) is Tom Hill. Formerly one half of electronica duo, Wauvenfold (Wichita Records) Tom earned himself a reputation among the likes of Björk, Super Furry Animals and John Peel himself. The Joy of Box is Jim Boxall. Jim has been working with moving images and live visuals for 14 years and has worked with artists such as Theo Travis, Dj Krush, Autechre, Raphael Lozano-Hemmer and Hexstatic.

See Origami Biro&The Joy of Box and listen as origami flowers and bubble wrap are shredded into textured beats alongside live double bass, strings and ukulele. Watch as infra red cameras capture the pages of a book, flicked in time to the music. Sit back as one musician and one video artist weave a tapestry of music and video live on stage.

Chris Cousin&Jim Brouwer
Chris Cousin produces electronica and twisted folk using a hybrid of existing and custom-built instruments and equipment. He collaborates with other audio-visual artists and is part of Bathysphere, an artist-lead music production company and record label from Leicester.

Jim Brouwer is best known as part of Vent media but has been working within the field of digital audio and visuals for the last 10 years with such shows under his belt as Sonar (Barcelona), Ultrasound (Huddersfield), Evolution (Leeds), Placard headphone festival (London), Autechre’s ATP(Camber Sands), Steim (Amsterdam) and shows in Berlin.

This will be the first collaboration between the two artists, following on from the recent Threep Gig in Leicester, where Chris performed circuit bending with visuals from Vent media.

Expect to witness experimental spectral reverberation, glitch rhythms, calm discords and micro sounds, alongside granular video within a synchronised animated framework.

Brownes: Dealmaker&Wigflex Presents:

Rustie (Warp / Wireblock)
Lone (Live)
Spamchop vs Metaphi (Live)
15th Jan 9pm-1am

Glasgow's prodigal son Rustie is the sound of the underground before the underground has even had a chance to get out of bed.  His DJ & live shows have taken him all over the UK and Europe, having recently played alongside Method Man&Redman, The RZA, Modeselektor, Flying Lotus and many more. Last year he blew apart Bloc, where his set was later played on Mary Anne Hobb's Breezeblock show, BBC Radio 1.  He also starred at Sonar, Barcelona for the first time last summer to play alongside Toddla T&Drop The Lime.


Nottingham based Lone, AKA Matt Cutler and one half of Kids In Tracksuits, has just released his debut album Lemurian on Nottingham's Dealmaker Records. Cutler describes his new album as “a soundtrack to an imaginary summer somewhere beautiful and dream-like, recorded on to a cassette that has been left on the dashboard, in the sun too long”.

John Wall - Electro Acoustic Performance

Radiator Closing Event
Sat 24 Jan 8pm
Backlit Studios

Since 1995's Alterstill, London-based composer John Wall has been slowly building one of the most unique - and important - bodies of work in contemporary electronic composition. Wall's modus operandi has seen him classed a "sampling composer". Descriptively speaking, this was accurate enough, but from Construction 1-4  released in 1999 a move away from this form of composition has  taken place. By the time his cd Cphon came out in 2005 the "sampling" had become virtually non existant. Since then Wall has taken his music in a much more radical direction doing live solo laptop, semi- improvised, intensely abstract and volatile sound performances.

For this event John will be extracting sounds from the computer's innards in a very special one-off acoustic electro performance.

Trampoline Event

Live Music by

The Owl Project
Wounded Knee
Patrick Farmer
Dominic Lash
Matt Milton

Annexinema - Live Music&more