AGM09 (Annual General Meeting) under_ctrl

15 – 25 January
QUAD, Derby

Plankton (AU)
Chris Oakley (UK)
Miska Knapek (DK/SW)
Scott Jon Siegel (USA)
ZimmerFrei (IT)
Paula Rousch (PT/UK)
Sian Robinson Davies (UK)

AGM (Annual General Meeting) is an art/media project that happens once a year changing its form, content and location every time. Previous editions were held in Italy (performance event, 2003), the Netherlands (radio programme, 2004), Canada (sound installations, 2005), Denmark (public screenings, 2006), Austria (symposium, 2007), and the Internet (2008).  For previous editions please visit Curated by Iben Bentzen and Alfredo Cramerotti, QUAD Exhibitions Officer.

Tickets for the AGM 09 event at QUAD are £5, and are available to book through QUAD Box office (tel: 01332 290606), or through Radiator Festival and Symposium ( as part of the Symposium ticket. Visitors from Nottingham can travel to the event at QUAD on a specially commissioned bus from Nottingham to Derby, with an onboard performance by Sian Robinson Davies (UK) of Berlin based organisation, Performer Stammtisch. The bus will be leaving Nottingham at 5:00pm on Thursday 15th January.

Plankton are concerned with the critical and closer examination of a reality designed by media through means of software development. Plankton was founded in 2002 and has been chaired by Barbara Connert and Michael Hackl since 2006.

Plankton will create “Perception and Decision”.  The video installation watches neuralgic spots of the QUAD building and uses an intelligent multi-agent system to judge the “threat” exposed by a situation. Agents are based on different characters that show an impermeable hierarchy of an anonymous power where only consequences can be experienced and the person under surveillance is neither visible nor comprehensible how they became under suspicion. []

Miska Knapek

Miska Knapek is an artist and new media designer. He is currently photographer and programmer at Kiasma, Museum of Modern Art, Helsinki.

Knapek will show “Longlapses: Kiasma cafe north†080731", 2006, an animation where information combines poetically with visualization, simultaneously capturing and controlling time. The video is an investigation of the 24 hour cycle, and draws on the tradition of producing time-spanning images called "spaceotemporal imaging”. One day life is watched by the camera; day and night are re-composed into fragments of the movement of people on their way from one place to another.

Chris Oakley
Chris Oakley works with video and digital imaging through which he is concerned with mediating experience in its many forms, using mainstream media, amateur photography, mass communication and augmented reality.

Oakley will be exhibiting “The Catalogue”, 2004, a study of how the RFID (radio frequency identification) technology crystallizes a vision of “us seen by them.” Through the manipulation of footage captured from life in the retail environment, it places the viewer into the position of a dispassionate agency, observing humanity as a series of units whose value is defined by their spending capacity and future needs. []

Scott Jon Siegel
Scott Jon Siegel is a game designer currently based in San Francisco. Through his work in games he focuses on nuances of interaction, with special attention paid to the intersection of user expectation and system design. Scott believes strongly in the right to privacy (despite often waiving that right with his strong internet presence) and is fascinated by the secret lives of people.

“Simulation with Time Lapse”, 2006, film is an artifact of malfunction, in its most literal sense: the recording deck corrupts the video feed; the camera activates its "simulation" mode further destroying footage; the equipment itself was stolen after recording ceased, leaving behind only the tape as evidence - failed surveillance of a benign act. Coupled with the distorted and haunting music of Swedish 8-bit artist goto80, “Simulation with Time Lapse” challenges the viewer to commit Apophenia: an act by which the mind seeks to derive order from noise. (


ZimmerFrei is a collective of artists (Massimo Carozzi, Anna de Manincor, Anna Rispoli) founded in 2000 and based in Bologna and Brussels. The group works on the crossing of visual arts and performance, public spaces and private territories, using a wide range of media and formats including video and sound installation, short movie, photography, performance and curatorship

ZimmerFrei will be showing “Panorama Roma 02 SUNSET”, 2004 where the camera completes a 360_ round in 60 minutes, fixed on a clock engine in Piazza del Popolo in Rome.  The continuity of two shooting cameras has been compressed (20 and 2 times) to obtain a complete day in 24 minutes.

15 January

Sian Robinson Davies
Performance on bus from Nottingham – Derby 5pm

Sian Robinson Davies is an artist who works in Berlin with the performance organisation, Performer Stammtisch. Robinson Davies has recently performed at the Whitstable Biennale 2008 and Preview Berlin, 2008.

For Radiator, Robinson Davies will perform “Palm Off”, 2008 on the bus from Nottingham to Derby QUAD.  “Palm Off” looks at how we distinguish between different modes of representation and space.

Paula Roush

Paula Roush is an artist and lecturer obsessed with CCTV.  Roush will be perform “CCTV Ecstasy” at QUAD Box combining projection, voyeurism, pecha kucha (pronounced peh-chak-cha), masquerade and facebook.

A conversation with Charlie Gere, following Q&A with audience
Moderation Alfredo Cramerotti/AGM

An illustrated talk, both motivational and critical showing what is possible with surveillance not only in terms of resistance (either passive or active) but as “behavioural enjoyment.”

Charlie Gere is Director of Research at the Institute for Cultural Research at Lancaster University, and author of the book Digital Culture (Reaktion, 2002). His main research interest is in the cultural effects and meanings of technology and media, particularly in relation to art and philosophy.

Guided Tour: Jane&Louise Wilson; AGM under_ctrl&Bill Drummond
Plus DJ-electronic lounge
Throughout QUAD

Friday 16thJanuary

“Pillow Talk” networking breakfast
Broadway, Nottingham

Networking event open to all. Discuss and evaluate AGM09, advance proposals for future collaborations; following onto the second day of the Radiator Symposium.